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Choosing whether to get a Wrap, Ring sling or Mei tai? Here we list each feature side by side for your easy reference and comparison, and each has its pro’s and con’s which in the end, it entirely depends on one’s preference too :)

Woven Wrap
Ring Sling
Mei Tai
Longevity You can wear the same wrap of your base size for newborn up to toddlers, even preschooler!One size fits newborn up to toddler.Baby size Mei Tai fits babies up to 1.5/2 years only, so you will need to upgrade to Toddler size Mei tai onwards.
Amount of fabricLong (for base size, more than 4m), wrapping outside may cause tails to touch the groundShort (less than 2m) therefore compact to store inside purse when not wearing.Long cloth and straps. Wearing outside may cause straps to touch the ground.
Learning curveMedium. FWCC is the basic carry which takes practice to master, but once you know it, it will be easy.Easy, with some tips and tricks to have deep seat and snug positionEasy. Body panel comes with shoulder straps and waist straps; easy to tie
Weight distributionTwo shoulders wearing so weight is more distributed and balancedOne shoulder wearing therefore may give strain for shoulder during long wearing and/or bigger kidsTwo shoulders wearing so weight is more distributed and balanced
VarietyWith a wrap, you can back carry, and LOTS of other types of carry you can explore!Not much variety other than hip and tummy-to-tummy position. Not recommended for back carry.With a Mei Tai, you can back carry. Easy to get high back carry with a Mei Tai

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